July 26, 2017
 Musical Performance
Ceilidh -- Traditional Acadian Music // La Musique Acadienne
  Argyle Shore Community Centre
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Starting Time: 1:00 AM
Duration: 2 Hours

Distinguished fiddler, Louise Arsenault, and acclaimed step-dancer, Hélène Arsenault, are perhaps best known as performers in the former Acadian band “Barachois”. They are also the founders of the bands Les Girls and Gadelle and, over the years have performed individually, together and with numerous other musical artists. <br /> Their musical talent knows no bounds. <br /> Hélène steps seamlessly from keyboard, to guitar, fiddle and vocals. Hélène has toured Canada, the US, Europe and Japan as a dancer, children’s entertainer and musician. The daughter of renowned Island fiddler, Eddy Arsenault, Hélène grew up step dancing and accompanying her father on guitar and later added traditional piano and pump organ. Hélène plays the fiddle, sings, choreographs dance and has written comedic plays, including Racine Acadiennes with her brother Albert Arsenault.<br /> Louise moves easily from fiddle to guitar, foot percussion and vocals. Her vibrant and energetic fiddle-playing and foot-stomping has taken her to the four corners of the earth. There are those who claim that, if you watch her fiddle playing closely, you just might see smoke rising from the bow!!<br /> On this special evening, Hélène and Louise are joined by Louise’s son, Jonny Arsenault – a star musician in his own right, with a sense of humour that will bring the house down. Although Jonny began his musical career playing the fiddle like his mom, he ultimately settled on the acoustic guitar – OR, sharing his mom’s flair for music, he reaches out for whatever other musical instrument happens to be at his disposal.<br /> <br /> TICKETS: $20 in advance -- 675-3221 / cawlar@bellaliant.net // $25 at the door