August 5, 2017
Clarisse Tonigussi - Soprano - Classical Canadian women composers
  Milton Community Hall
Starting Time: 1:00 AM
Duration: 1 Hour, 30 Min

Clarisse Tonigussi is completing her masters degree at University of Toronto in voice performance and in 2017 will be on a recital tour across Canada featuring the music of classical Canadian women composers. <br /> <br /> The recital will bring to light an array of Canadian women composers in historical order beginning with Gena Branscombe (early 1900\'s) and ending with a work that is being commissioned for her own voice using text from Anne of Green Gables. Other composers featured include Jean Coulthard, Mary Gardiner, Jean Ethridge, Ana Sokolovic, Jana Skarecky, Martha Hill Duncan, and Melissa Hui. The programme will be about an hour long plus intermission making it an hour and fifteen minutes total.<br /> <br />